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Inflated Gas Bill




We had our gas bill for more than $400 for Dec - March. Full summer time and we only use gas for hot shower which not so much on summer. 


I was requested to send an email to receive an answer back informing my bill was correct and my gas meter is working fine. They have "reviewed" our gas bill to taking off $50 and giving us more time to pay. No AGL that was not the issue. My bill is 3 times overpriced and this was not reviewed accordingly.. 


You show in our bill that an average gas usage for a house with 5 people is 4,227MJ and in my home my average usage is 12,735 as per your estimation !!!  3x more, for 2 adults living in a small apartment. 

This must be a joke AGL! 


I ended up paying the bill and since that I started to take photos of my own meter and upload it in my account. Which made it more sense and numbers seemed correct based on our usage. 


And, to my surprise, it happen again on the next bill ! Was again charged for my last 2 weeks in the house more than what we have used in 1 month. Even though in the last week no one was in the apartment as we moved out a week earlier. 


I am sure that lots of AGL costumer had the same experience and have been paying extra than they usage.  Would not recommend or get back to AGL again.