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Incorrect reading in How to Read Your Gas and Electricity Meter page



Your website is showing incorrect reading in


Under Electricity clock dial meters, it should read 08595


Might confuse some people

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @djprima , thanks for the feedback. I took a quick look but 08695 does appear to be the correct reading for the displayed clock meter.


Hi @David_AGL , thanks for the reply.


In fact it's actually 98595. Here's why:


- See that the middle dial is close to 6 and the next dial is showing 9. Given that the dial moves continuously, it means it's almost 6 but not there yet. If it is indeed xx69x, the middle dial should be closer to 7

- Same case with the first digit. It's close to 0 and the next dial is showing 8, means it's actually 9


Thus the correct reading should be 98595

AGL Community Manager

@djprima On closer inspection I think you're absolutely correct - my apologies. I'll flag a review of the page.