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Give your AGL Contractors an official ID. - they have no ID and their vehicles are unmarked


You AGL are advising your Sub Contractors to carry out work on customers premises without advising the customer and you do not provide the sub contractors with official ID.

The sub contractors vehicles are unmarked and they 

The POLICE stress not to open the Door of your Home nor allow entry to anyone who does not have Company Identification. You do not make contact with your Customer to notify him / her that you AGL need to work on premise.

Who is "PLUS-ES" and why would I open the door or grant entry when they have no ID 

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Hi tuddyalan,


Thank you for your feedback.


To clarify, Plus Es are a metering coordinator who carry out various types of metering jobs and also provide energy retailers with usage data. They're not a subcontractor of AGL and you can find out more about them here.


Thank you again for taking the time to provide this feedback, I'll ensure that your comments are passed on.


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