General Feedback and Ideas

Future Electricity Generation


I note in a recent interview the AGL CEO stated that AGL may exit coal early if that’s what customers want. As a long term AGL customer I would like to let you know that I want low cost, reliable electricity from coal for many more decades to come. I would also like AGL to build many HELE coal-powered stations like they have in Japan. We need to make the most of our own abundant natural resources. 


High Efficiency Low Emission (HELE) technology may be a good stop-gap measure for the Australian energy grid, especially while solar and wind capabilities are being built up, it would certainly help meet the electricity demand until those technologies and batteries and grids are more widely deployed. But, it was important to remember that even though HELE power stations produced a reduced amount of carbon, it was not zero and I am left wondering if gas fired plants may be a more robust solution in the short term.


With the Australian grid overflowing with solar and wind power in the daytime, coal fired power stations are now a bit of a white elephant.  Its not that they can't provide electricity, the problem is you can't switch them off in the daytime when they are not needed. The wholesale rate in the daytime on a sunny day can be negative, which means the coal fired power station has to PAY the distributor to take the power rather than earn money from selling the power.  This means the economics are breaking down which is why they can't get bank loans to build new ones, which is why AGL is struggling as it gets 80% of its electricity from coal.