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Emailed receipts - please include which utility


I pay Gas and Electricity, get emailed receipts, I save them for future reference, but there is nothing that indicates which utility. So when I scan the AGL folder, I have to open each email, and try and figure out what the payment was for.

Simple suggestion - include the utility ("Gas", "Electricity") in the email heading/title

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @desog , it sounds like a great idea, but I just checked my own email folder and the bill summary emails already say "AGL gas bill" or "AGL electricity bill" in the subject line. Can you provide more detail on which emails you mean? Perhaps you could contact me via PM and forward me one of the emails in question.


Hi David. Thanks for the response.

Couldn't figure out how to forward an email via PM. So, hoping the following will explain.

When I make a payment, I get an email from "AGL Energy" with the subject heading "Here are the details of your recent payment" (note it does not say Elec or Gas).

The text in the message is (have changed details, but still basically what I get)


The payment you made on your energy account was successful.

Here are the details:

Receipt Number:  0UX36......
Reference Number:  ...1700134940377......
Payment Date:  08 Dec 2019
Payment Amount:  $xxx.90


We sent this email from an unmonitored inbox, so we can't see your replies. But we're always here to help if you have any questions.

Simply view our FAQs in website, submit an online enquiry  or call us 24/7 on 131 245.

And in case you need these details again, you might find it handy saving a copy of this email.


AGL Customer Service Team


Again, the text does not mention Elec or Gas either.

What I am suggesting is that the SUBJECT have the utility type included, so when I look into my folder of receipts, I can see the utility I am looking for.

Yeah, I suppose I could have a separate folder for everything, and being picky, as I pay both Elec and Gas in the same online session, I still have to figure out what receipt is which.
Regards. Des



I have the same problem with my receipts. No mention anywhere at all in the email of which utility it is for. The only way to know is to open each Bill and compare how much each one was for.

If each receipt mentioned the utility paid it would probably also stop my Credit Card statement listing both charges as just AGL.

Wendy and Phillip


David, any chance this is being looked at?

Every-time I get a receipt, I have to forward it to myself and put "Gas" or "Electricity" into the subject line, so I can (electronically) file it.

Otherwise, I get 24 emails per year none of which indicate the utility. And yes, ditto re Credit Card entries as mentioned by Wendy.

Thanks. Des

AGL Community Manager

Hi Des, I'll follow this one up and get back to you.

AGL Community Manager
Status changed to: Investigating

@desog we're now looking to implement this one, stay tuned, and thanks for your feedback.

AGL Community Manager

This change requires system modifications that are more complex than initially thought. It is still in the queue to be implemented, but unfortunately it's unlikely to be changed in the near future and I can't provide an estimated timeframe at this stage.