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Received a call on my mobile phone today from an unknown number, and the female caller did not identify herself, so I hung up. When I checked the number, it was from AGL, so called the number back, but only ended up in a queue. I was not prepared to wait, when I was not the original caller.

Please, if you are calling a current customer, kindly identify yourself at the beginning of the call.

At the moment, most Australians are receiving lots of computer generated scam calls, so I'm reluctant to answer an unknown caller.

You may use my current email address for contact, thank you 

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AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Gumtree20 . It's always a good idea to be cautious about unknown callers, especially as scammers often target AGL. If you don't want to wait on hold, an easy way to get in touch to make sure it's really us trying to call you is to log in to your account and click "Message Us". 


Let us know you're returning a call and need to talk to customer service, and someone will respond on your account without you needing to wait around.