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I have had two recent interactions with your call centre - neither were good experiences.


The first was an effort to get a final meter read.  I had been advised by our property manager to get a final read NOT a disconnection.  I was told by the call centre agent that these are the same thing - that the terms are used interchangeabley.  I am not sure this is accurate as I could NOT arrange a final meter read unless I ALSO asked for a disconnection.  What was worst about this experience was the incredibly patronising tone used by the agent.


The second was an effort to get a meter read for a new connection.  In this case the agent's manner was polite and helpful.  However I feel I was again given inaccurate, or at best incomplete, information.  I was advised that unless I could provide clear access to the property I would need to be available at the property for a 5 hour window.  It transpired that the Energex crew sent an SMS message 30 minutes before they expected to arrive at the property.  This would have been very helpful information to have been given and would have enabled me to manage the meter read in a way that better suited my other commitments.


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Hi @HBR , thanks for passing along the feedback, and sorry to hear you had a frustrating experience with our phone agents.