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Dear Manager,


After trying to find an appropriate text box to outline my Feedback without trying to fit into myriads of suggested categories when I simply wanted to make a suggestion freehand.


My suggestion is regarding the printing format of my Electricity Bill, perhaps at reducing the small portion of the 3rd page of my bill showing the remainder of the Bill Workings to fit on 2 pages only, please, similar to the 2 page format for my Gas bill. 


This would save 1 A4 page that only has only a few fact lines printed.


Otherwise I am impressed with your very efficient method of sending and formatting the bill printing at home.


Kind regards,


Richard Mansfield










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AGL Community Manager
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Hi @RichardMa , thanks for the feedback.

This formatting may depend on the content of your bill - when I look at my personal electricity bill in PDF format, it appears on two A4 pages. If you're still seeing it over more pages, please send me a private message and I'll investigate.