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Hi. My name is Kerry and I had problems paying my bill today as I did not receive it in the mail. However, I wanted to applogise to ataff as I was very frustrated and behaved rudely. So, my apologies. I would jyst like to point  out tjat uf you pay via credit card online then take the ioption to s p eak with a customer service ifficer the system.just takes you directly back to online payments. This can be very time consuming and confusing. In the end I had to end the call and begin again to actually speak to someone. Apologies again for my rudeness on the phone. If someone could re d i rect the calls post online payment through to service ths tg would be great.

Thanks. Kerry

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Hi Kerry,


Sorry to hear you ran into frustrations paying your bill today. It's certainly a stressful time right now.  If you do encounter any issues with phone service in future, don't forget that the option is always there to pay your bill online or message us by logging into your My Account online