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AGL needs more caring staff


In May 2020, I called asking for concession to be applied to my accounts. I assumed that was done until I received my electricity bill in late May with no concession applied. Since then I called AGL every week to get it amended. Suffice to say it had been a very stressful time and time trying to get this issue rectify. I had customer solution staff who was rude to a person who thought she knew what was the problem without checking it. I had few others who attempted to fix the problem, but didn't follow up to see if it was fixed.

I finally thought I gave it a last attempt to see if it could get it fixed, and if no one at AGL cared, I would just pay and then find other provider who cares about its customers.

Fortunately, Andrew took the call. He listened then went to check. Came back and told me there was technical error and he escalated the issue to technical support. Then he would make sure to check it to have it solved.

My gratitude to Andrew that I have my updated bill yesterday with the concession applied. It goes a long way to help with this current financial burden. If you see this Andrew, thank you so much!! I really hope your managers will recognise an asset to the company you are and reward you accordingly.

To AGL, I hope you have a system to recognise your staff excellent performance and reward them..

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Hi @Suze20 , thanks so much for sharing the positive feedback - I'll do my best to make sure it gets to Andrew. I'm sorry to hear that it had been a frustrating experience trying to resolve this issue up until that point.