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AGL Bill PDF name


It would be good if the AGL invoices had date pdf file names.

ie: agl_bill_210420.pdf


instead of all the downloaded invoices being agl_bill.pdf


would save overwrites and the need to rename!

AGL Community Manager
Status changed to: Investigating

@totallypumped thanks for the suggestion. We're looking to revise some of our communications in the near future so we'll keep this in mind.


Yes agree 100% on this. Please make this change as requested.

I just downloaded a years worth of bills and had to manually rename on the iPhone so I could tell them all apart.



My suggestion is to format the date as yyyymmdd so it sorts sensibly when in a collection  ... and make the date shown the end date of the metered period not the date it was downloaded.  This makes it much easier to assess If any bills are missing in the sequence.