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A little new tech goes a long way


I just received an email entitled 'a little new tech goes a long way'. The email starts off by saying :


With every advance in the technology we use around the house, including energy, life gets a little more convenient.

This month, we discuss how innovative tech can help make managing your life and energy usage easier – including smart kitchen appliances to transform how you cook. Plus, we take a look at tech that can change the way you live and planning for the home of the future.


I want to point out that when the email says 'we discuss'.......that the word 'discuss' is that context, is not grammatically correct, because to discuss something, means to talk about (something) with a person or people. Furthermore, the word discuss means 'talk or write about (a topic) in detail, taking into account different issues or ideas'. 


Given the above definitions of the word 'discuss', the use of that word in AGL's email, is incorrect. There are plenty of other words that could replace 'discuss', such as 'mention', 'refer to' etc. Just sayin'.....




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