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Think about ALL that could happen to Ramsay wetlands

Think about ALL that could happen to Ramsay wetlands

Think about ALL that could happen to Ramsay wetlands


Will the marine literature review incorporate case studies on the impacts of FSRUs already in operation in similar environments, including the impacts of entrainment, discharge, marine noise and accidents/pollution



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Hi Icare,


We are looking into whether the existing 26 or more FSRU’s operating around the world are being evaluated. However, it is up to the experts who conduct the report as to whether this will be included in their reports.


However, there is a requirement from the Victorian Government to assess these types of potential impacts. Under s.4.2 of the EES Scoping Requirements, the biodiversity requires the assessment of impact such as, entrainment, discharges, noise in relation to flora and fauna and leaks or spills.

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Hi Pukuzall,


The questions have not been generated by a bot run by AGL. This would be unethical conduct and we will not post our own questions without clear identification. AGL employees are identifiable by their title in brackets.


We understand your query around the similarities of the questions. These questions are similar to a questions that have been circulated by concerned environmental groups. That said, they are very legitimate concerns.


We clearly have not done enough to address them and hope this forum can provide a place to do so effectively. We are currently writing responses to each question and will be posting as we go. We have received an extensive amount of posts in the past 48 hours and are sorry if there is delay in coming back to you.