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Southern Brown Bandicoot surveys

Southern Brown Bandicoot surveys

Southern Brown Bandicoot surveys

APA Employee

We’ve received a few enquiries about our fauna surveys and the Southern Brown Bandicoot.


The Southern Brown Bandicoot has been identified in the scoping requirements as a species that must be investigated through the Environment Effects Statement process.


Extensive Southern Brown Bandicoot surveys have occurred along the proposed pipeline alignment, including in Warringine Park. We’ve found bandicoots at eight locations in the northern section of the pipeline alignment in Cardinia and Pakenham South. Our studies found no bandicoots in the southern section, including Warringine Park.


You can view the areas where we found Southern Brown Bandicoots on the pipeline map that was displayed at our community sessions here.


Measures including, in some cases, Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) are proposed for use under areas of habitat to avoid or minimise impacts.


We’ll post a fact sheet soon that will provide more detail. In the meantime, do you have any specific questions about the fauna surveys we’ve undertaken?


Madeline, Community Engagement Advisor, APA Group