Gas Import Jetty & Pipeline Discussion

March 2020 - new Marine and Coastal Policy in Victoria

March 2020 - new Marine and Coastal Policy in Victoria

March 2020 - new Marine and Coastal Policy in Victoria




Could you please tell me how the new Marine and Coastal Policy in Victoria will impact on the proposed AGL Gas Import Jetty & Pipeline project?


What changes will need to be made to the proposed AGL gas import project in order to comply with the Marine and Coastal Policy?


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AGL Employee

Hi @CribPoint 123


Apologies again for the delay in responding to your query. We have all been busy adapting to our new work arrangements in self isolation.


We will need to get Ministerial consent under the Marine and Coastal Act 2018 for some components of the proposed project.


Project works on PoHDA’s freehold land, such as the gas receiving facility, will not require consent under this Act, but other components, including the mooring of the FSRU and the jetty pipeline on the jetty over the water, will require consent.


The Act will also apply to two areas where the pipeline traverses coastal Crown land.


In early March 2020, the Victorian Government announced the release of the Marine and Coastal Policy and it became operational. The new Marine and Coastal Policy is a requirement under the Marine and Coastal Act 2018 and supersedes the Victorian Coastal Strategy (VCS) 2014.


The Policy guides planning and management of the marine and coastal environment in Victoria and inform consents issued under the Marine and Coastal Act. The proposed project will be considered in the context of the strategic directions and provisions of this policy. Marine and Coastal Act consent applications as outlined above will also consider the policy. The policy acts as a guide for decision makers and will inform the decision of the relevant government departments when determining AGL’s application for Ministerial consent under Act.


Several significant legislative requirements need to be addressed and the necessary approvals granted, before this proposed project can go ahead.


These are all provided in the EES which is expected to be published later in May.  Section 3.5 of the Scoping Requirements requires the EES to ‘identify legislation, regulations, policies, guidelines and standards, and assess their specific requirements or implications for the project’.


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