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March 2020 - environmental impacts from FSRU vessels around the world

March 2020 - environmental impacts from FSRU vessels around the world

March 2020 - environmental impacts from FSRU vessels around the world




Could you please tell me if AGL has received any data on environmental impacts of FSRU vessels located around the world?


Has the FSRU supplier Hoegh provided AGL with any information/reports on environmental impacts of any kind (marine, air, noise, etc) due to the operation of their FSRU vessels around the world?


Thank you.


AGL Employee

Hi @CribPoint 123


Apologies for the delay in responding to your question. We have all been busy adapting to our new work arrangements in self isolation.


While studies were found that assessed FSRU proposals, the technical specialists were not able to locate any that measured impacts of an existing and operating project, at the time of assessment.


As far as we are aware there have been no credible studies on existing FSRU operations and their impacts on the environment published in the scientific literature, probably because there have been no major concerns about environment impacts in the areas in which they currently operate to motivate conducting such studies.


However, the studies undertaken as part of the Environment Effects Statement provide far more extensive information than case studies would provide and are designed to understand the extent of impact at the specific proposed location. We are unaware of any other project that has had to acquire the same level of data for an EES assessment.


Hoegh has provided a large amount of data on the expected operation of the proposed FSRU at Crib Point based on similar operating FSRUs, particularly in regard to the level of chlorine in the regassification output which is closely monitored around other FSRUs run by Hoegh, which have been used in the modelling studies and will be provided in the EES chapters such as the marine biodiversity chapter (Chapter 6).


The Victorian Government requires a detailed assessment of the potential impacts the FSRU. For example, under s.4.2 of the EES Scoping Requirements, the biodiversity chapter requires the assessment of impact such as, entrainment, discharges, noise in relation to flora and fauna and leaks or spills.


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