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Jetty Upgrade?

Jetty Upgrade?

Jetty Upgrade?


Will the Crib Point Jetty need to be upgraded to facilitate AGL's proposal?  

If so, could you detail what needs to be done?

What impact will these upgrades have environmentally and for the public? 



Since my original post I have learned that a Jetty Upgrade will need to be undertaken to facilitate AGL's proposal but I still would like to know what impacts will the work on a Jetty Upgrade have on the environment and on the public?

Could you confirm or deny that many upgrades to the jetty and berth 2 will need to be undertaken to facilitate your proposal such as...

Replacement of the pier head on Berth 2

Extra berthing dolphins

Loading arms

New Piles


Manifolds,etc etc...?

AGL Employee

Hi KerryRainer,


Thanks for your input.


We endeavour to provide the most accurate answer to your question relating to jetty upgrades.


In order to do that, we need to speak with the Port of Hastings Development Authority, as they own the jetty and will be carrying out the works.


We are just letting you know that we have received your question and will respond to it once we have conferred with the jetty’s owners.




AGL Employee

Hi @KerryRainer,


Yes, remediation works on the Crib Point Jetty will be required. It will be undertaken by the Port of Hastings Development Authority (PoHDA), as the owner of the jetty.


This includes the refurbishment of the existing Crib Point Jetty and construction of new mooring and berthing dolphins to provide an upgraded berth for shipping. A consent under the Coastal Management Act 1995 has been issued to the PoHDA for this work.


No work has started yet.


Please see a response to your question on the other thread you posted it on here.