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EPA SEPP (Waters) - does AGL seek to change Victorian environmental laws?

EPA SEPP (Waters) - does AGL seek to change Victorian environmental laws?

EPA SEPP (Waters) - does AGL seek to change Victorian environmental laws?




I read in The Guardian newspaper (2 May 2019) about AGL seeking to change current environment laws in Victoria regarding wastewater -


The AGL submission is here:


Could you please tell me if AGL is seeking to change environmental laws and regulations so as to allow wastewater to be discharged into sensitive marine areas such as Western Port Bay?


Is AGL seeking to change any laws in Victoria or Australia that will benefit the company to proceed with the importation of natural gas into Australia?


Thank you.


AGL Employee

Hi @cribpoint123,


AGL, like other interested stakeholders, regularly makes submissions when Governments propose changes to existing regulatory requirements.


The proposed SEPP, which is one of the instruments that the EPA is required to take into account when assessing works approval applications under the Environment Protection Act, is relevant to each of AGL’s assets in Victoria, not just the Gas Import Jetty Project, and as such, the submission was made taking into account proposed amendments to the SEPP relevant to these assets.


We recognise Western Port is an environmentally sensitive area and are committed to ensuring the AGL Gas Import Jetty Project will be safe and environmentally responsible.


The previous SEPP had existing provisions that permit the EPA to grant approval to certain discharges into marine areas such as Western Port Bay. As such, AGL’s submission was not seeking to change that.


AGL’s submission sought to ensure that the proposed SEPP reflected and was consistent with the EPA’s existing position for a risk based approach. Information on this can be found here.


Thank you for your question.

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