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AGL community feedback during 2017/2018 - will this be included in the 2019 EES?

AGL community feedback during 2017/2018 - will this be included in the 2019 EES?

AGL community feedback during 2017/2018 - will this be included in the 2019 EES?




I attended many AGL community meetings and drop-in sessions during 2018.

I asked many questions of AGL and sent emails to AGL.

I also made submissions to the Minister for Planning Mr Richard Wynne MP and DELWP highlighting issues with the AGL gas Import Jetty project.


Many local residents attended the AGL and APA community meetings, asked questions, wrote emails, made telephone calls and made submissions in writing.


The AGL/APA Environment Effects Statement Consultation Plan (Feb 2019) has a summary of this community feedback on page 19.

See here:


Could AGL please confirm that all the community feedback and questions collected and recorded during 2017 and 2018 will be included in the EES and all community concerns addressed accordingly?


The feedback and questions raised would cover many aspects of the AGL Gas Import Jetty project and the APA Pipeline project that should be investigated as part of the EES.


This feedback would actually assist AGL and APA to identify issues that may have been missed in the draft technical reports provided before the EES was announced.


AGL Employee

Hi @cribpoint123,


We’d just like to apologise for the delay in addressing your enquiry – we have received a large number of complex and detailed questions that we need to discuss with a few specialists.


This is not the way we want to deal with community concerns and we’re working to be more responsive in the future.


We’ll respond to your question shortly.




AGL Employee

Hi Cribpoint123, 


Apologies for the delay.  


Thank you for taking the time to attend our community meetings and drop-in sessions in 2018 and reading our EES Consultation Plan.   


Our consultation program has been tailored to address the specific scope and technical aspects of the EES studies as outlined in the Ministerial Scoping Requirements, however, we understand that community concerns may not fit directly into these criteria.  


To address this, the EES Consultation Plan states; ‘Where it is not practicable to incorporate community or stakeholder preferences into the project design or delivery, the reasons will be clearly explained and reported back to the community and stakeholders through project updates or in publicly available EES documentation. This will demonstrate how and why decisions were made and build confidence in the process.’  


As part of the EES process, feedback that we have collected through our community consultation process – including the summary of our feedback that you pointed out – is being considered as part of ongoing development and refinement of the project’s design.  


Page 20 of our consultation plan, outlines how AGL and APA will collect, record and consider all feedback and demonstrate in EES reporting how this feedback has been addressed as part of the Project. AGL/APA will use detailed technical investigations to inform EES impact assessments.  


Where relevant, consistent themes and concerns that fall within the scope of our investigations will be addressed in the EES documentation. Our EES Stakeholder and Community Engagement Technical report will include all feedback received in a summarised form. Due to the large number of feedback collected, the raw data will not be included in the technical report.  


In some instances, we may extract quotes from written feedback to demonstrate sentiment, however these will de-identified to protect the privacy of the individual submitters.