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Answers on moving house, getting connected or using your electricity and gas meters

meter alteration saying completed when not completed


Request remains unresolved and costing money


I am undergoing alterations to a residential home. AGL notified me by email on the 11 April that they had received a request for the alteration to my electricity meter and that the works will be completed within 10 business working days. So, by my records that meant 26 April (25 April being a public holiday).


On the 24th of April I was sent a text messages by AGL to advise me that the alteration request was completed.


On the 27th of April I was informed by the builder that the work had not been completed.  I am sure to be charged though.


I called AGL who could not explain the error to me and that it wasn't their problem because they outsource to a company called Active Stream who can take up to 30 days to accept and deliver the service!


All AGL could do was to expedite the job via email. They gave me Active Stream's number to call who in turn said that they were going to contact the engineer and would have an answer in 12 or 24 hours and they couldn't call me because I wasn't a customer. I had to follow up with AGL.


Spoke with AGL on Monday 30th who basically couldn't or wouldn't tell me when an engineer could deliver a meter!

Called Active Stream again and was on hold for 16 minutes waiting to speak with someone who could help.


I'm hoping that someone reads this email and gets back to me with a positive solution to this most frustrating and costly situation.






AGL Moderator

Hey elisecollette2,


Thank you for your post!


I'm sorry to hear that these metering delays have such a negative impact on you. If you can send me a private message including your AGL account number, I'll be more than happy to follow up on this for you.


Kind regards,



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