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Answers on moving house, getting connected or using your electricity and gas meters

confirmation of digital meter opt out


How do I get a letter/email confirmation from AGL that they will ot install a digital/smart meter as I have opted out of having one installed.

I do not want a digital/smart meter installed and want a confirmation from AGL that they acknowledge and honour my instructions about NOT installing a digital/smart meter?



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Hey PeteM,


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Please contact contact our Digital Metering team on 1300 669 245 to request written confirmation of your opt out!





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Morning PeteM,


There are pluses and minuses on the subject of digital meters. A lot may also be dependant on which state your in also. When they installed mine I was tickled pink as it had lots of goodies in the form of AGL to better monitor my usage. The problem was though, I was locked to AGL forever as despite all what was said to me about other retailers being able to read my data electronically for billing etc. it turned out no one could, so, as I am in SA only SAPN can actually read my meter, but not an AGL one, just their normal one.


By then I had signed up with Simply Energy who will only get a manual read from SAPN. Long story short, AGL organised for SAPN to put in a new non digital which they did. Then, I had heard about the AGL VPP but to sign up for it I had to have an AGL digital meter. 


I did sign up for the VPP, had a digatal meter installed, again, and had the VPP installed at the same time and have never looked back as it was the best thing I had done.


Just thought you might be interested in my thoughts as one day we will all have a digital meter, at least with AGL it's free.




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This is a very good question. While AGL market the new meters as digital meters, digital meters have been around for ages. The distinguishing feature of the new meters is not that they are digital, nor that they report live on your usage, but THE WAY THEY COMMUNICATE ... namely that they use wi-fi to radiate your property and home with mobile wi-fi radiation, in order to communicate back your electricity usage. There is no detail provided on the strength of the signal of the radiating device, which obeys the inverse square law .... i.e. if you walk near it, the radiation level will be dramatically higher than if you stand some metres away from it. Since the radiation from such devices have known and published effects on oxidative stress levels, sperm/testicular damage, neuropsychiatric effects, apoptosis, cellular DNA damage and/or endocrine changes, it is certainly not something I would allow on my property ... but then I don't use a mobile phone for the same reasons when I can use a landline and avoid those risks. There are other ways of offering the same technology without using radiating wireless, including any ethernet based link to the internet, and using power cables for transmission.

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