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Answers on moving house, getting connected or using your electricity and gas meters

Unexpected high bill


Hi, I moved to new apartment on 24 July 2021. and I chose AGL as our Electricity and Gas provider. AGL team couldn't located our gas meter, and asked us to provide it. I sent the picture of our gas meter. then all good.

this morning, I got email from AGL about our first gas bill. and it was $1,250 from July till Nov. we are only 4 ppl in 1 apartment. 2 bedroom with 2 bathroom.4 of us are working almost everyday.

on the bill, there is 2 meter. when I checked, 1 is gas meter (which is I sent to help agl located it) and 1 more is water meter. when I saw the graphic of our water meter usage, August till Nov was normal, but July to August was too much different. i guess AGL team read wrong water meter at first time.


Can AGL team help me out with this. please double check meter reader from first date we moved in. it just doesn't make sense to me.


Thank you


AGL Community Manager

Hi @liushansen ,

Sorry to hear you've had an unpleasant surprise with this bill.

Your meter is not actually read by AGL, but instead by your local distribution company, who then passes on the reads to AGL.

Unfortunately we can't actually handle account-specific questions like this through the community, but if you've received a bill that is much higher than expected, I recommend you get in touch with customer service. Log in to your My Account page and click the "message" button in the bottom right to get started.

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