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Answers on moving house, getting connected or using your electricity and gas meters

Smart Meter Online Data For 03 and 13 Readings



Hello, on 10th July I had a new smart meter installed to enable feed-in of power from my new 5kW solar power system. The meter shows a cyclic view of east coast date/time and codes 03 and 13. I am unable to see the data for 13 and 03 on MY AGL IQ. The data there is frozen up to 10th July.  Can other users see the data for their meters via the AGL website?  I have tried the iOS app on my iPad but it is clunky, only made for iPhone, and seems unmatched to my visual observations of meter readings which I haver taken at 4:30pm daily. And the app gives no feed-in data that I can find.  The attached screen grab shows that the system seems capable of showing the data, just that in my case it does not.  The smart meter shows Active Stream Atlas Mk7c on the front.  I have received a power bill and the feed-in and usage data on the bill is accurate.  Just that I cannot see it online.  Basically I want to be able to avoid having to go outside each day to manually read my meter to keep track of my solar stats...  And if the solution is pay money for a premium service, I am not willing to do that with the very low feed-in tariff we get vs what we pay for mains peak power use.Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 11.42.05 am.jpg



And from another topic of similar issue, confirmation that the MacOS Safari browser should be working for this data:

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 12.19.02 pm.jpg

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There can unfortunately be a delay in usage data updating in the four weeks or so following a meter upgrade. We'd like to follow up on this for you to ensure these services get up and running ASAP, so please send me a private message with your account details.


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Thanks, I did an online chat this morning and someone is sorting it out for me.