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Answers on moving house, getting connected or using your electricity and gas meters

Smart Meter Mk10D codes query


New meter installed on Friday last & showing Code 13 (exporting) so how can this be at 9 pm at night?   21.2 Kw/h.

03 is showing at the same time, 11.2Kw/h


Is this due to a faulty meter, improperly set Meter or is it just me?







Just answered my own question but not due to any posts on here.


 I can't figure why there are no written instructions on the Mk10D meter readings as it would make it so much easier for the consumer with this new technology.   I Just received some very quick verbal instructions on 03 & 013 meanings  from the installing tech & the comment to ensure 013 is always greater than 03.

However it took me a while to find that the readings I was getting above, are Cumulativenot the current viewing readings.  That explains my query.

I thought at least the Moderator would have picked this up, but maybe this Community Board is not read as a routine exercise but should be.


I am fascinated at the level of complacency we all accept with the new digital meters. Six months ago I had an EDMI atlas mk10d installed on my service and a brief discussion with the installer gave no assistance in reading to verify usage. I waited three months and a bill arrived from ORIGIN but displayed no current read (which of course is not read manually). Phone calls with two of their operators offered NO ASSISTANCE and they would NOT escalate the contact to a higher authority as at the time "no-one would know more than me".

Frustrated but not beaten, I approached EWON with my complaint and after several days a senior agent from ORIGIN called me back but asserted that the daily reads sent back from the meter could be recorded to supply only a total usage for billing purposes but there was no way to use those to show a nett usage reading on my bill?? The agent was to make enquiries while I agreed to wait and see what displays actually equate to usage. I established that unlike earlier posts herein my display is not numeric coded but alpha coded with displays as inp, ninp, pehp, ehp, pneh, pinp, pnin, nehp. Several of these still display as "0" and I have established by deduction that ehp equates to total usage and thus billing. Can anyone help me establish what the other codes represent as I am very concerned that pehp is so close numerically to the ehp read but is too large a variance to ignore without some additional advice. Of course ORIGIN have been no assistance with this to date.