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Smart Meter Exchange Issue


Issue still not resolve since May 2018.


9 May 2018 - Smart meter scheduled, I took a day off work to wait for installation, called up AGL and was told this has been rejected/cancelled and they are unable to provide a reason why.


27 May 2018 - Called to cancel meter exchange request, confirmed at 10am by Tiffany.


29 June 2018 - Called to confirm that there should be no request, confirmed by Mark at 1.54pm no request.


16 August 2018  - Called to confirm that there should be no request as another provider advised that they are unable to transfer because there is a current meter request on the national database. Lim from AGL confirmed that the next scheduled meter installation is on 21 August however - I did not request for this and as previous conversations with AGL on 27 May and 29 June this  has been cancelled. So why is there one scheduled for the 21 August? Lim from AGL cancelled this with Ref# 153 745 5497 at 10.38am.


17 August 2018 -  Called AGL to confirm again if this has been cancelled, AGL confirmed with "Specialist" area that this has been cancelled and there are no requests.


20 August 2018 - Called Endeavour Energy to confirm if there are any requests on data base, they confirmed that this is now Service provider's responsibilities and not Endeavour since Dec 2017.


28 August 2018 -9.11am - Called AGL again to re-confirm that the meter request has been cancelled, operator advised that the next meter installation is scheduled for 14 September 2018 - in which I did not request for? I was then transferred to another department who confirmed that the scheduled installation for 14 September 2018 has already been "rejected" - no reason provided. Ref #154 027 4151


My questions to AGL:

1) Why are there still scheduled installations when I have clearly cancelled and confirmed on many occasions that there is no request?


2) Why is the National database not updated accordingly??


My Request for AGL to ACTION ASAP:




Endeavour Energy


This issue has been on going since May 2018 and I no longer have any patience left, this issue should be fixed. I am unable change providers x3 times now because of this on going meter installation request that has not been requested for. I need to speak to someone who understands not being transferred to department with the same information.


AGL Moderator

Hi delusiondesignz,


Thank you for your post.


We've received your email with this same content, and we will reply to this shortly.


Kind regards,



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Hi Jayden,


Thank you for your email response yesterday:


Thank you for taking the time to get in touch with us.


We’ve reviewed your account, and I can confirm without hesitation that all past meter upgrade jobs have now been cancelled. In addition to this, once transfer request from another retailer on 23/5/2018 which was promptly rejected. We have not received another transfer request since this date, and I can confirm that we would not object to future requests on any grounds.


I apologise for the frustration and difficulties caused by AGL to date, and we welcome you to get back in touch with us if there is anything else that we can do to help.




However, with my response, Red Energy Provider actually sent AGL an email for cancellation confirmation on 15 August 2018 in which they have confirmed on 28 August 2018 that AGL has not responded to this email request.


They have advised AGL to update the Role Provider back to:



Endeavour Energy


Please respond to Red Energy and provide a letter of confirmation that this meter request has been cancelled. This would be the third time Red Energy has rejected my transfer to the same issue since May 2018.