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Answers on moving house, getting connected or using your electricity and gas meters

Answers on moving house, getting connected or using your electricity and gas meters

Ridiculous! Electricity meter reading i submitted says bill is over $700!!


I read my electricity meter today & submitted it to AGL online, then it shows saying i owe over $700!! Im only 1 month into my new quater so this amount is obviously wrong!! It wont let me delete the meter reading or update it till tomorrow!! Im certain i entered the numbers in correctly! Whats going on??



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if the actual meter read is outside previous parameter readings, generally it will not accept your figure. It looks like the moderators may not work here on weekends but I'm sure one will pick up this post and ask you to Private Message (PM) them directly seeking your account number etc. so they can look deeper into it for you.


As mentioned previously, tomorrow you do another read but I would think it will not allow it to be re-entered.


In the past I have always taken photos of both gas and electricity meter reads, showing the meter number etc. as proof positive of the reading and I have kept them posterity, just in case, it has worked for me.




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Hi @tsmith0458. Sorry to hear about this issue with your electricity account. If you would like to send us a private message with your account details and current meter read, we can investigate this for you. 




Just did my metre read 10 days earlier than my monthly read comes back saying $900 nothing changed from last month at $380. For month watched meter for a bit without nothing getting turned on or off metre speed up and down like crazy I need a new metre or calibration