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Installation of Smart Meter


We have had 3 appointments made with AGL in February and March 2018 for the installer to come here and install a smart meter. 

We have waited home the whole day on each of those appointment days and on all THREE occasions no one has come.

I was really hoping they would come today, the third appointment day.  I thought that the third appointment would finally be successful but NO.  No one came.

If you ring AGL they put you through to the Smart Meter section, who then tell you to phone Active Stream.  You phone Active Stream they say they will contact the installer....then none of them get back to you.  Each one of those phonecalls can take 30minutes of waiting time!

This last occasion I asked Active Stream for the phone number of the installer but they wouldn't provide that.  I then asked for the email address of the installer which they gave me.  I emailed the installer and a little while later an installer phoned me, I don't know if that was because of the email or just luck, and said that they made the appointment 2 weeks ago to come today.  At the time, in my excitement of actually being able to talk to someone who promised me they would be installing the smart meter today I neglected to get a comtact phone number or name.

I am now contacting the Ombudsman and I am also thinking of phoning the media as this lack of service and disregard is absolutely terrible!



AGL Moderator

Hey Saltwood,


Thank you for joining the AGL Community!


We appreciate you taking the time to provide this detailed feedback about your recent, albeit disappointing experience with AGL. We'd like to offer a sincere apology for the total lack of transparency throughout this ordeal, and I'd like to see what I can do to get some answers for you here. Please send me a private message including your AGL account details and I'll be sure to help wherever I can.


Kind regards,



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How do you contact Active Stream?  your post mentioned phoning them - do you have their number?  (as I cannot find it in White Pages, Yellow Pages, LinkedIn, their website, etc)


If you are in SEQ then the organisation that Smart Stream gets to physically go to your premises to install the meter is Energex (and Energex are very good to deal with).

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