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Answers on moving house, getting connected or using your electricity and gas meters

Getting the most out of your solar hot water system


Hi my name is Paul ,I am a newby,I joined on 5/6/2016 I am a researcher on alternative energy,My Q, is Ihave a solar hot water system,and have an electrical element installed,I need to know if I can use this system heathing the water during peak hours only,at present I am switching the hot water off and put it on only when I need it,and if I can use it during off peak ,do you know the hours of the off peak please?

I thank you for your time

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Hi Paul, 


I thought I'd move your post to its own thread - it's a good discussion and the info will benefit others who have solar hot water or might be thinking about it. There are a couple of parts to your questions so I've broken it down a little: 


1. Can I heat my solar hot water system during Peak hours? 


If your solar hot water system has an electrical element installed, it will use the power generated by your solar panels first, and then substitute from the grid. If you want to keep costs down, it would be best to charge from the grid during Shoulder or Off Peak times, as rates are lower. 


2. What are Peak, Off Peak, and Shoulder hours?


These times vary depending on your distributor (use our distributor look-up tool to find yours). For example, if your distrubutor is Ausgrid and your meter is capable of recording the time electricity is used throughout the day, you will be charged according to Ausgrid's Peak, Shoulder and Off Peak time periods which are: 


Peak 2pm - 8pm on working weekdays
Shoulder 7am – 2pm and 8pm – 10pm on working weekdays 7am – 10pm on weekends and public holidays
Off Peak All other times


Hope that this info is helpful! Let us know if you have any other questions. 




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