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Answers on moving house, getting connected or using your electricity and gas meters

Answers on moving house, getting connected or using your electricity and gas meters

Gas hot water meter seems running fast


Hi there,


I moved brand new apartment 1/04/2018 and i’ve received Gas bill lately.


but hot water reading seems to be weird.


Start reading date: 16/05/2018: 131

end reading date: 13/06/2018:1953


but I am the first resident in this Apartment and according this bill, I used only 131 between 1/04/2018 and 16/05/2018(46days) and used 1822 between 16/05/2018 and 13/06/2018(29days).


 I am living alone and only stay this apartment for 3, 4days a week which means Something wrong with the bill. But how can I fix this bill without paying extra to read the hot water meter again.


AGL Moderator

Hi Subi1915,


Thank you for your post!


We'd recommend that you start by downloading and logging into the AGL app. From here, you can enter the current readings on your meter into the app which will confirm for you whether or not the readings used on your bill are correct. 


If you'd like to chat to a member of our team about your bill, you can get in touch with our web chat team here!


Kind regards,



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Hi jaden


I found out that My hot water meter measures usuage in KL. 

So when AGL calculate my bill, shouldn’t multiply my usuage by 10 to determine my usage in Liter.


I fixed it when I send photo and save around $190 means you charged me 10times more than I used.


I would like to spread this issue with all AGL customer.


Hi Sunny,


I hope you are well, I am running similar issue where new gas water meter been installed and its recording very high usage. They also multiplying my usage with 10. Hence, total usage is increasing.

Could you please tell me how you validated your meter recording in Kilo Liter ?


Which meter was it. My new GAS Hot Meter type is ITRON UltraMaXX. I have uploaded my meter pics here, please see if you have same meter.


Please help to deal with these people I am following up with them since last 4 month but no resolution as of now.





WOW thats definitely not right you would have to have the gas on 24/7 fir that to occur, sure there's no leaks I would be very careful if you happen to smoke.