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Answers on moving house, getting connected or using your electricity and gas meters

Answers on moving house, getting connected or using your electricity and gas meters

Disconnection f electricity for a knockdown


So there's next to no information on the website about physical disconnection of services prior to demolition. The little bit that I have found points you to either a web chat or a phone number for a specialized team. Already being at he keyboard I thought I'd try the online Chat. Your chat bot "Alfie" just kept taking me in circles asking if I want to disconnect services where I'm living but as we are demolishing our previous residence, that didn't apply. After 4 goes at alternating answers for Alfie I tried a human who, after delays that made it seem I was chatting to a 2 fingered Octogenarian, I was told they couldn't help me and to try the Dedicated Connection team phone number.


So I called the dedicated number, sat through the self promo about how you are now operating 24/7 and all the options presented but had to opt for the "None of the above" option. I then had a rather heavily accented and bad phone connection to someone who said they couldn't assist but would transfer me to the dedicated connections team (who I thought I had already called). I was then presented with a rather abrupt recorded message advising me you were closed and to try calling "later" but no mention of what is an acceptable version of "Later" (No business hours were advised).


So I was able to find all the disconnection information I needed on the Energex web site (Which then pointed me here) but I have no idea when to call or how to arrange for a physical disconnect from the house we are going to demolish. How can this be achieved ?