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Answers on moving house, getting connected or using your electricity and gas meters

Digital Meter Installation - AGL DESTROYED MY SOLAR INVERTER!


****** WARNING ! ******


A conractor working for AGL came out to my premises in January 2017 to install their digital meter in my meter box.


I have a solar inverter that is connected to the meter - it puts power back into the grid so the meter needs to know how much.


On the day of the installation in January 2017 the installer permanently damaged my solar inverted when reconnecting it to the new meter.


Since then AGL have refused to take responsibility - they asked me to get an independent electrician to review the problem, and when that review cam back that AGL had obviously destoyed the meter, AGL wrote back saying that it must have been the independent electrician that damaged it !!.


I have an ongoing case with AGL, and the EWON Ombudsman, and the last correspondence I had was asking if I would accept a $150 credit voucher, which I obviously refused.


It cost me $1200 to replace the inverter, and I have lost any savings off my bill from the 1.5kW solar panels on my roof from January - July 2017. I would estimate that I am at least $3-4K out of pocket at this point!


As an aside, I have seen no benefits whatsoever from the new meters ( they are supposed to save AGL needing to send out meter readers as they get data over 3G from the digital meters).


Interestingly, AGL did inform me though that they had overcharged me >$700 on my last bill due to incorrect meter readings !


I have been contacting AGL via telephone since January, and I continually get bounced around various people at offshore call centres, that have absolutely no idea what they are doing, and no understanding of the issue.


This is an absolute disgrace - I will keep this matter open until AGL pay me what is due.


If anyone else out there has had a similar experience, please reply to this discussion - the more numbers we have the more attention this matter will get !!



JB (Castle Hill NSW)


AGL Moderator

Hi @j6a


Very sorry to hear that your experience with us has left you frustrated. If you could send me a private message with some account details, so I can take a look at what's happened here, that would be great!




I think it has taken me a while to realise AGL have ruined my solar too! Just realised since May 2017 with new Meter that I have not had any thing related to Solar written on any bills!!!! Devasted I have been robbed by AGL.. what to do?????