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Answers on moving house, getting connected or using your electricity and gas meters

AGL Smart Meter - is it Free or NOT??


I received an email back in June 2016 saying AGL will upgrade our meter to new digital smart meter for FREE starting in December 2016 as we have solar panels. Called AGL in Dec/Jan/Feb and due to heavy demand, it has been pushed back to April. 


Yesterday, received an email from AGL telling me upon closer inspection, they have discovered my property is a 'multi-occupancy' site, which prevents them for replacing the meter to a smart meter for free. I can however organise my own qualified electrician (thru their panel of accredited service providers (ASP)) to install the new digital smart meter at my own cost!!


The funny thing is, my property is NOT a 'multi-occupancy' site - it's just a standard single occupancy house. A simple search using google maps with earth & street view will show you the house.


Anyway, called AGL and was bounced between 2-3 departments (digital metering & customer service) 8 times for 1.5hrs and all I get is 'Oh, it's not our area, let me put you through the right department!!'. 


My questions is quite straight forward -

1. How can my house be listed as 'multi-occupancy' when it's NOT

2. How/when I get the new meter installed at NO cost as promised


What is so unbelieavable is the level of customer service  - bounced around 2 departments 8 times and still no answers. 



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Retired AGL Moderator

Hi @JLmms


Sorry to hear about the issues with the digital meter exchange. To be able to answer your questions best, I will need your account details to investigate this. 


Can you please send a private message with your account details (account number and confirmation of address), once I have these details. I will be able to provide an update as soon as possible. 




Hi @CatherineG


I've sent you a private message. Hope you can help on this.