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Answers on moving house, getting connected or using your electricity and gas meters

AGL Smart Meter Debacle


4 weeks ago I began an adventure. I picked up my mail and there was a card saying AGL was unable to install a meter and asked me to please call 13... 24/7.  Odd, what meter I thought. But I called and was informed that the person I needed to speak to was only availble during the day. Your card says 24/7?  Oh I'll create a job so they will call you in 24 - 48 hours.

Next day someone calls. They can't help me but 4 transfers latter, re-explaining and re-explaining... (and one of those transfers was to someone who told me he was the last stop and could resolve all matters). I was informed that AGL had sent me a letter telling me I would be getting a smart meter. Nope no letter was ever received. I asked if they could email the letter. No I'm sorry but we don't have access to sending emails. I was then asked what the card said as to the reason the meter wasn't installed. I responded, "Incorrect Information". I was then asked what information is incorrect. I don't know, as far as I knew I get my bill and I pay it....  I was then told the job information hadn't come back from the field. This may take 24 - 48 hours but at that time someone would give me a call. "But if you don't hear from us please give us a call back."

48+ hours later no call so I called. I was told it was odd that the information hadn't come back yet but that he would track it down this afternoon and give me a call back. "But if you don't hear from me please give us a call on Monday"

On Monday I called. I was asked why are you calling us.  When we know something we will call you...

I waited a week. No call. So I called. Apparently the information had come in the previous Monday...odd.  And the incorrect information was that there was no meter at my house. And that they had sent a picture. I ask if they could email me the picture and she did(I guess they had gotten email access). I looked at the picture and asked, do you see that grey box in the top left corner. That's the meter. She asked, "Wonder why they didn't know that?"  Good question!  So she rescheduled the new meter install for Wednesday morning. They will call an hour before they are to arrive.

Nothing happened. No call. No meter....

Called the next week to follow up and was informed that the job was cancelled.

OMG really!




Retired AGL Moderator

Hi @David


Thanks for your post and welcome to the Community! 

Sounds like a debacle indeed - to better investigate as to what is happening with the meter exchange are you able to send me a private message with your account details and then I will be able to follow up with our digital metering team to find out more information. You can send me a private message via this link



So I went the moderator route.... Basically no help real help their either. No team in the area but I have been put on a priority list. No explanations about to the Debacle. Just that the Debacle continues. (this interface now complains about invalid HTML, so have to keep text all in one paragraph)


Hi David,


You and I were in the same boat posting replies, Jeremy has done a fix for me and touch wood, I'm back to square one, I can post multiple pargraphs with no drama, see if you can do same.


As for the debacle, the saga continues, lets hope for a speedy and logical solution.




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I have been waiting 9 months to have my meter changed - I have resulted in writing to the Ombudsman