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Looking for tips or advice on energy efficiency around the home? See what others are doing or share your experience!

Looking for tips or advice on energy efficiency around the home? See what others are doing or share your experience!

Time of day usage data


Hi where can I find time of day electricity usage data ?

i have looked in the AGL app and can see total daily consumption but no further breakdown.

i understand other retailers supply hourly or every 2 hourly usage info. Thanks & Regards 






Off peak (or controlled load) is an option on meters.

Our old power meter had it so our new Smart Meter came with it as well.

We don't use the function as our hot water unit (refrigeration type) I programmed to come on during the day and if available it uses solar generation to power it.


If you have a smart meter then you should see it on your meter readings but with 0 values.


Off peak (or controlled load), the timing is set by your supplier (not AGL your retailer).


This should be visible on your smart meter download data if it is available. AGL will ignore the readings if you are not using it.



Above is a cut down version of my meter-data file.

It clearly shows my three meter types..


If you have the facility available there should also be a BOOST button so you can manually turn it on.


Hope this helps



Hi Neil

many thanks for your reply.

I am correct in thinking that one would think that off peak would be the preferred way to go, especially if your readings are over the moon?


I do have a smart meter, but don't know what it is set to, I do know that my usage is shocking (no pun intended) and hence I am wondering if it is set to peak.


Where/how do I get access to the "meter data file". I can see my usage on the AGL data graph, and the PowerCor data graph. Also, where do I find the "boost" button ?









Off peak / Controlled load is what it states.

It is a way of getting cheaper rates when general consumption is lower. Typically between 11:00pm (23:00) and 5 to 5:30 am (05:30).

As stated, this time is set by your supplier and depends on their demand times. With Smart Meters they can log onto your meter and set the start and end times.

To view your usage file.

Log onto your user account.

View your usage.

Near the top of the page there should be a box indicating your current view and a download link.


Download the data.

This is not easy to decode.

You only need to see the first few lines to see if it shows you have a controlled load meter.


IF YOU CANNOT SEE A BOOST BUTTON then you do not have a meter that supports controlled load.


Also with a controlled load circuit there is a limit on what you can run from it.


However you can get meters with more than one controlled load output.


I would suggest though if you have a constant high usage that you take action to reduce your usage.


If you use Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning change the settings to reduce your usage. For instance run the cooling at 24 degrees and heating at 18 degrees. Lights don't use much power but many lights on means more usage.


I have a program that I use to convert the Data file from AGL into a more usable format. I use it nearly every day to keep track of my usage.


We have been having many overcast days (with no rain) and at the moment (60% into our billing cycle) our electricity bill prediction is going to be a whopping $37.00. In the last 2½ years we have only had one bill where we have paid money and that was $16.00.


We have a credit on our account and won't pay any money (they will deduct it).





Very useful.  Thanks @NeilC