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Looking for tips or advice on energy efficiency around the home? See what others are doing or share your experience!

Looking for tips or advice on energy efficiency around the home? See what others are doing or share your experience!

Think about getting rid of your old fridge.


I have gotten used to quite expensive bills for my energy, especially electricity and like most of us I tended to put it on the back burner to worry about it another day. I have read many spots were it says to look at one of the more expensive items most all homes have, the fridge and like a lot of people we often have more than one fridge, one in the house and often a drinks fridge in the garage.


At this time I was looking to have a house audit done and I was sent a 19mb file, a book, written by Jon Dee called EnergyCut, on the front it mentions it has something to do with the Australian Government, Department of Industry and Science. It's mainly aimed at business but has a section for home and it talks about products from Reduction Revolution who market energy monitors etc. As I am a sucker for anything that is a gizmo or gadget I sent off for some of their products. Best think I ever did, as putting some of these units firstly at the fridges in question I was alarmed at how much they actually did cost to run.


To be truthfil one was so old the warranty was in the days of 7 digit phone numbers, now 8, pretty old, but, it looked modern and like new so understandable why I would be reluctant to get rid of either.


Anyway, looked at the Government websites on energy running costs etc. I went to a retailer and purchased a new Inverter large fridge/freezer, LED lights etc inside, got rid of both fridges and replaced them with just the one. The drinks fridge was an overkill as if one has a party or guests you make room.


I then put the energy monitor on the one fridge and monitored it to come up with very accurate figures as to savings of both other fridges, cost of a new one and runniong costs of all of them. I have to say it was a clever move, see my notes below. THese monitors are clever in that they only measure when an item is actually running so are dead accurate.


Some of the monitors I purchased can be hooked to 3 phase for say my Air Con, others for my car which is an electric car so I can see the cost to charge or the hourly cost to run the Air Con. 


With Solar now on I plan to run the Air Con during the day to cool or warm the house to lessen the use at night, clever thinking.


Bill shock/wake up call was $578.00 for one month of electricity during hot days and nights of summer, gross considers were empty nesters now, just the two of us.


I'm happy to answer any questions you may have. 


Old kitchen Fridge - 7 cents per hour - Current cost is 3.70KWH per day or 1350.50 KWH/$433.78 per year

Tool room fridge – 152 hours - $5.87 is .925 cents per day or $337.62 per year

Cost to run both old fridges was $661.90 per year or $55.16 per month.

New Samsung fridge – 30c per day or $109.50 per year or $9.12 per month –  11/4/2016 11 days is $2.83 which is 26c per day/$94.90 per year to run - for cost of new one ($1219.10) and in less than 2 years running it breaks even – each year thereafter saves $552.40 or $46.03 per month


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Retired AGL Moderator

Hi @BWSS, thanks for the very informative and detailed post. I think we can all agree that a post break-even saving of $552.40 a year is a pretty significant amount of money!


Further to your suggestions, we recently had a Community member enquiring as to the potential for savings if they were to purchase a 4 star rated fridge over a 3 star. I think the calculations speak for themselves!


For those interested, the Reduction Revolution site has a great range of measuring and monitoring products - you can head here to check these out. Can I ask which energy monitor you used to monitor your fridges?




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I did know I would go solar one day soon and rushed in to first get with two extra clamps as I have 3 phase power supply, turns out in operation this unit measures both usage and feed in, as one figure which made it a hopeless purchase, my fault I have to say, but, it would take but a moment to switch the clamps to the 3 phase air con which I will do as the air con is a big ticket item running cost wise, I probably should have purchased the solar unit but unless I do some re-wiring it still may not do what I really want, compromise would be to simply rely more on the AGL MY!Q or even the Commander on offer, just not happy to pay $15.00 per month for two years!


The clever units I also purchased, were brilliant but take care in that your smart phone app can switch off the appliance, excellent for monitors my electric car charging but bad new if you use one for the fridge, as I did find out once, luckily it was off for only a few minutes.


THe best of all units were the which really were one of the cheapest but by far the best which saved me the most. Lots of DIY electrical shops and larger hardware shops sell opposition products but all I looked at were absolute rubbish, THe Watts clever plug in power meter is well priced and should give you peace of mind it's world renowned brand.


If nothing else, start with Watts unit directly above, use them for at least 4 weeke to get a fair usage cost factor,, you won't look back.


As for 4 star versus 3 star, look at it's an excellent website to look at all the energy reatings of fridge/freezers, you can sort them in any order, I only saw 41 with 4 or 4.5 star rating and quite a few were unavailable in Australia.


hat I did was look at what was avalable in store, took photos of the ones we liked the most and then googled them to see who had what in stock locally, then used that website to work out the actual running costs and then decided.


If anyone is interested, we ended up purchasing the it is so new it was not listed on the Samsung website when I went to register it.


I hope this above helps someone make a wise decision.






Please remember I am just like you - a customer. If my post has helped, you can click the 'LIKE' button to show your appreciation.