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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

what is peak next??

I have used mains gas now for 3 yrs. I recently moved and got bill shock at my new house. When I read my bill I noticed charges that I had never seen before. What is peak next? I've been charged for the usual peak but then have been charged 'peak next' twice on the same bill too.


Hi @Randall


Because pricing structures are determined by your network opertator and depend on where you are located they may vary, which is why you've noticed a difference since you've moved. 


If you are billed according to Peak/Off Peak/Next Peak, it means your distributor (who you can look up here), has structured their pricing so usage is pro-rated based on the billing period and is generally based on the time of year (not the time of day). We publish all this info on the website as Energy Price Fact Sheets


Energy pricing and billing can be quite complicated, so if you'd like us to get in touch, submit your details via our webform





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