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Hi AGL, I'm a landlord of a property in Rose Bay, Sydney and the property does not have any appliances that use gas.  The tenants however have received an invoice for supply charges based on a cents/day calculation.  Contacting the call centre I was advised that you changed your policy at some point in 2015 whereby you started charging a supply charge for meters and the like despite the fact that gas isn’t being used on the property.  What communication process did you undertake to advise tenants and landlords of this change in policy and why am I being charged now for something that was previously for free?  Regards,


Retired AGL Moderator

Hi @Wandy6007, welcome to the Community!


It appears you may have been given incorrect information in this instance. To clarify, the supply charge is calculated as a fixed amount charged for each day of the billing period and is not related to the amount of energy used during the period. There is a chance that the gas account has remained active from previous tenants.


If you shoot us a PM with the supply address and the tenants' details we will investigate this further for you and determine how this may have occurred.

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