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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

quality services


For agl to provide service quality that meets the needs and expectations of customers, it is necessary that everyone in the organisation understands that it is the customers who pays their wages. If the customer is not satisfied with the service provided or if agl  keeps raising its prices beyond the customers ability to pay, there will always be a competitor who can provide what they need at reasonable prices with quality service, eg. solar power, renewable energy. obviously if all your customers turn away for better services and more affordable prices there will be no sales, therefore no wages and no more agl. it becomes obvious then that it is important for agl to determine what their customers believe is quality service and what is considered reasonable and affordable to the customers. it is not agl who determines what quality services and reasonable, affordable pricing is. it is the customer. So what is the future plans for agl? is it to make alot of money as quickly as possible in the short term. or to provide a quality Australian service with reasonable, affordable prices that customers can be satisfied with for many years to come.

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