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new digital meter


AGL installed a new digital meter to my house, how will that affect my solar rebates?



Hi, in my experience, it makes no difference financially, what it does give you is better access to stats and etc. via AGL IQ, via your pc and via your smart phone. The stats won't be complete for quite a while, some will be immediate but if you have patience for your data and useage to build up it will be worth the effort.


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Hey @Colin, and thanks for your assistance here Rob.


You will see no changes to your feed-in tariffs, or any other rates for that matter. The only instance where you'll see a change is if you've been switched from a gross meter to a net meter - meaning that your solar was previously feeding directly into the grid with the old meter, but with the new meter the energy produced will be used in the home first before being exported to the grid.


If you're unsure if you were previously on a gross meter we'll be happy to confirm that for you - send me a private message and I can assist further.

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I would like clarification on the net meter option.  I am currently on gross and soon AGL will replace this meter with the smart meter.  Am I to request the net meter or is that going to be automatically done.  Who do i contact to request the net meter?  It appears in this forum that others are asking the question bu there does not appear to be a very consise answer.

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Hi @LJK. Welcome to the Community!


If you are an existing AGL customer in NSW with solar, you should have already received a letter advising you that a digital meter will be installed at your address. With this meter exchange, your solar meter will automatically be configured to a net meter. Which means that your meter will record your generation, export to the grid and usage from the electricity grid. 


You can call our digital metering team on 1300 669 245 or you can use this link