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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

new charges


My energy bill with AGL has increased significantly. 

I have done a usage comparison from this time last year and last month. The new charge is under a term "peak next" This charge has not appeared on previous bills and has increaced my bill by more then $100 dollers. What is this new charge and why is it suddenly appearing on my bill.

Not happy about this!



Retired AGL Moderator

Hi @cdrew


Thanks for getting in touch with us, sorry to hear about the higher than expected bill. 


Without being able to investigate your actual account, I assume that your billing is under a stepped tariff. 


For example: 

Peak 4,000 kWh - 24.64c

Next 3,000 kWh - 24.17c

Therafter - 23.97c

The above usage brackets are based on annual consumption thresholds up to which the state price will apply. Billing period consumption thresholds for the stated price are calculated by dividing the annual threshold by 365 and multiplying by the number of days in the billing period. Unused amounts for each billing period consumption threshold are not carried forward.


An example of how this is calculated: 

Billing period 91 days 

Total peak consumption 1,000kWh 

1,500kWh / 91 days = 16.48kWh per day 


4,000kWh / 365 days = 10.95kWh

3,000kWh / 365 days = 8.21kWh 


Therfore as your total daily usage exceeds 10.95kWh per day, your consumption will be split into the two tariff brackets.