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my bill


Hi I woke up to an email this morning about my bill. I remember emailing use guys last mth, but after that haopened my 21yr old daughter moved in with her 1yr old daughter. My rent went threw the roof, I was paying $432 a fortnight. But now Ive sorted it out so my daughter pays half one week and I pay the other half the next. I only live in a 2br and now there 4 of us here, its very busy lol. anyway can I plz make another agrement up plz and can I get a card to pay with my grand daughter loves to rip mu mail up



Hi Maryann,


If you have done this once before you probably know the procedure in these tough times, from their website at AGL I spotted this which is one way to approach a possible solution, unfortunately it looks like contact to this area is only during the days and hours as below, I'm not sure if anyone can do anything sooner but if you only have just received the bill you no doubt will have a little time up your sleeve.


This link I also found may help:


Good luck!!




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AGLSB13925 (0814) AGL4293
For more information on our Staying
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Retired AGL Moderator

HI @maryann. Thanks for your post. I would be happy to help out with a payment arrangement and a new payment card if required. If you would like, please send a private message with your account details and I will investigate further for you.