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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

my arrangment to pay current bill


im  having difficulties paying this 200.00 per fortnight atm . 

however i will be going to saint vincient de paul to recieve some assistance . as i have been away in a recovery centre for the past 2 months .,

 i can not afford the 200.00  as i thought i was recieving some money from my hopusing acc, that did not happen .

 I have just recieved the hardship forms yesterday to see if i can recieve the grant for  the $720.00 dollars . 

and i have been informed that this can take up to 8 weeks .

 can u plz help me 

 i did make a payment on the 21.4. 2018 of $60.00 

  i can do that for now 



AGL Moderator

Hey angie,


Thank you for getting in touch!


We understand that keeping on top of your bills can be difficult from time to time. We offer a number of services to help support our customers, and you can chat more about these by getting in touch with our web chat team here!


Kind regards,



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