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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

high power usage


iv been with AGL for 2months now and iv received 2 bills, the first bill was for $177 for a billing period of 40 days, then a few weeks later i received another bill which was for $139 for a billing period of 18 days which i gave a personal meter read so AGL got it correct.. Im a single male living in a 1 bedroom unit, I dont have air conditioning or heating, I own 1 TV which isnt on more than 6 hrs a day, microwave used maybe 2 times per week, kettle and toaster, 1 computer which isnt always on charge, a fridge,  I shower once per day, I use washing machine and dryer about once per week and i turn everything except fridge off at the wall socket until i need to use them, there is no possible way that i could have used nearly the same amount of power in 18 days as i did in the previous 40 days because i have done nothing different. Now  AGL have refused to put in a digital meter so i can keep up to date with the power usage for sum reason.  Has anybody else had this problem and if so can you tell me what AGL done about it, or do i just start to search for another supplier and leave AGL? any advice would be great, thanks 


AGL Moderator

Hi @beau


There could potentially be an issue here with the self-submitted read. If you can, pop us a message with some account information and the read you submitted to us previously and we'll take a look. Thanks!