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I have just spent over an hour with on line chat trying to organise making an extra monthly payment on my gas bills. Thought it was all sorted but made a phone call just to check.  All the information I had received was completely wrong and my direct debit was absolutely stuffed up, to the point where they were not going to be taking out the correct amount and I would have been charged for under paying my bill.  I then spent another hour trying to get it all sorted out and can only pray that the problem has been fixed.  This is not acceptable, two hours of my time is worth something.  Are these off-shore call centres trainig their people properly?  I am disgusted with this.  These companies are quick to penalise you if you make a mistake with your payment or innocently forget.  But there is no comeback for their customers if they hand out wrong informatin that could cost them money.  And where do you go to talk to a real person to air your grievences? To an of-shore call centre, who really do give a **bleep**! 

I worked in customer service for many years and would not have kept my job if I had dealt with customers this way!!



Hi Jan,


I'm a great believer in the written word and I find this forum an excelent way to get things done, so I think your on the right track, here!! I'm sure in due course a moderator will get in touch with you, ask them to private message them so they know some private info like account number etc. and the proceed to help you out.


If you know what payment you want ot make it's not difficult to pay an an amount directly off your account, whether it be gas or electric, but hard to give you expert advice as I am not privy to your private information, nor do I naturally want to know any of your private information, that's were the trained moderators her come in.




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Retired AGL Moderator

Hi @jan


Real sorry to hear that you have had such a poor experience with us with setting up a payment plan and the time that it took you. I would be happy to have a look into your account if you would like and you can provide me anymore feedback that you might have for us. 


If you could please send me a private message with your account details, I will assist you directly. The link to private message me is here


Look forward to hearing from you soon.