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credit balance refund process


Recently, I closed my agl account, it shows I have 124.58cr. So I called the customer service asking how can I get the refund. The staff told me that I can just provide the bill and my bank account info by email to, and once it has been granted I will receive the refund in 14-16 business days. Is that true? 


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Hey futurebeardan,


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The most efficient way you can request a credit balance refund is to contact us


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I disagree that contacting agl is the most efficient way to get a refund. The very best most efficient way is for agl to automatically refund all credits. Agl is not a bank. Why are agl hanging onto people's  money? I could take a stab at an answer but i think its obvious. Agl, please return all credits to their owners. I have to call you every 3 months to get my money. Why? You have direct debit for customers, why dont you do direct credit for yourselves. Customers will love that instead of being annoyed.

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Please refer to this LINK in regard to getting solar refunds from AGL.



We enjoy the fact that we have a credit, we for the last 12 months have not had a bill that actually had an amount owing.


We track our usage for water and electricity, in SA, we have to pay an emergency services levy each year and of course, we have our council rates.


Each fortnight we pay the amounts due on Payday.

This fortnight (Thursday) we will pay

Water $27.00 (Projected bill is $188.83)

Electricity -$15.00 (Projected bill is -$84.09)

ESL $5.00 (Projected fee is $120.00)

Council Rates $90.00 (Projected Rates are $2100 as council have not declared them yet)


We have a credit on all the accounts and can afford not to pay any of the next statements when issued. Giving us quite a good buffer should we need it.


By the way AGL are in the process of issuing us an AUTOMATIC REFUND of $600 from our electricity account which will still leave us with nearly $80 credit towards our projected -$84.00 next bill.


This bill of course will be greater than the -$84.00, as we are getting more and more sunlight each day.  Last year it was a $136.23 credit but we had quite a few overcast days.


In fact I just added the data for yesterdays electricity usage to our Billing Calculator and our projected Electricity Bill is now -$93.23 and have to pay -$16.00 off the projected bill.






I have called 3 times to get my credit and you still didn’t put the money into my account. The last time you promised that the money will be into my account in 24 hours and still nothing. Why is this? Why you don’t give our money back? That’s illegal I think!



You do understand this is a user forum that is hosted by AGL and that adding a comment does not mean that anyone from AGL will automatically read this.


I take it that you read my post above in regard to getting a refund.


If you are unhappy with AGL's response you should contact AGL directly as suggested by @jaydeny above.


The contact us page has some issues as they suggest that you can get answers from the Community Pages (ie here) which does not always give the results that some people want.


Also remember that if you have given incorrect banking details in direct debit details then the money may end up in an incorrect bank account.


Cheers Neil