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controlled load meter and charges removal


hi we currently have an electric hot water storage tank on controlled load tariff, we are looking to change over to and instant hot water with lpg bottles, how long will it take for AGL to remove the controlled load meter and stop charging us the daily charges?


Retired AGL Moderator

Hi @brrisaha


To request any changes to, your existing electricity meter you will need to: 

  1. Submit any application paperwork - this completed by yourself and your electrician of choice 
  2. Once submitted to AGL, we will validate the paperwork and if there are no issues - the service order will be raised to be completed. If any alterations or changes are to be made to the submission, we will get in touch with you
  3. Once the service order has been raised your distributor (the company responsible for poles, wires and meters in your area) will get in touch with your electrician to schedule an appointment

If there are fees passed through from the distributor you will receive an invoice from AGL post completion of any works. 


Head to our website to get started or find out more information. 




thanx for your reply moderator - regarding the meter, it was installed at no cost to use so our expectation is that it will be removed at no cost either...I have contact Energex, they have advised they are the only qulaified installers/removers of electricity meters and as far as they are aware there is no cost to the customer (me) for the removal of a controlled load electricity meter.. It is also my understanding the meters belong to Active Stream who are a subsidiary of if this meter belongs to AGL and if there was no cost to initially install the meter please explain why I have to pay to remove it and if so, show me the document/contract that I signed agreeing to pay for the removal of this meter...looking forward to your reply..


yo moderator...hows that reply coming along??? still waiting!!!

AGL Moderator

Hi @brrisaha


Apologies, only just saw your response! Did you still require a follow up for this one? Happy to help!


how do i remove control meter 2 and connect hot water to control 1

regards dennis