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change controlled load 1 to controlled load 2




I live in Bella Vista, NSW. Because the winter is coming, the hot water is not enough for us because the electric hot water system. I think the one I use right now should be Controlled load 1. Can I change to Controlled load 2? How much of the price differences will be between Controlled load 1 to Controlled load 2? Do I need to change it back in summer?





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You can definitely change to controlled load 2! This change to your meter can cost up to $165, however you're not obligated to change this come summer. If you'd like to go ahead with this, you'll just need to get in touch with our customer service team here.


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i clicked that link and it takes me to a page for support.I rang the number the guy says ring back tomorrow and talk to resolutions ? Really that sucks  didn't want to help had no idea what I was talking about .

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Hi thubleau,


Sorry you have had this experience, they should have been able to discuss this with you. The change though does need to be completed by our resolutions team, they are available from 8:00AM -8:00Pm AEST Mon - Fri and from 8:00AM -4:00PM AEST Sat & Sun.  If you get in touch via phone or messenger we can get this fixed for you.