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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

bill payment


Dear Sir!


As the due date of gas bill was yesterday, I have tried to pay this amount by website so many times.

But I could not pay due to I don't know how can I pay.

So Please inform how can I pay.


As I staying in overseas, You can not contact by mobile phone now.


If I can not pay due to my poor ability of internet, Is it possible to pay this gas and electric bills in November when I will be back to my home?


Your prompt and favorable reply would be highly appreciated.


Also It would be highly appreciated if you can inform me the direct dedibt instruction and information to me so that I forget this kinds of troublesome.


Thanks in advance


Best Regards


Bong Choi



AGL Moderator

Hi bong,


Welcome to the AGL Community!


Unfortunately we're unable to arrange payment for you through this forum. Given the issues you've had paying online thus far, you may be best served processing your payment using BPAY. You can find more information here: What is the BPay biller code?


Kind regards,



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