Energy Accounts and Billing

Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

  • COVID-19 Updates

    We know you might have some questions about your account right now - we're here to help. Here are so...

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  • Want to ask a question? Read this first!

    Hello! Our Community is packed with information, advice, ideas, and answers ... just a few clicks aw...

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  • email

    I am trying to send a copy of my Origin bill to AGL to get a quote.All the email access points on th...

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  • Gas usage

    I received my first gas bill at my new rental property 10 days ago.The average daily usage was 74mj....

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  • Billing

    Hi, I just wonder when I will get my bill? My accountnumber is [hidden]. I terminated my subscriptio...

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  • Billing

    Hi I'm just wondering it's says on my gas account that my next billing date is today the 21/4/2016 w...

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  • Billing

    Have just disconnect gas and electrify. Owe money on electricity but has is in credit. Can I pay ele...

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  • Bill and usage amount different

    Im confused.... my bill is for $104 but according to my usage I've only used $73. Anyone know the re...

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  • Check my account

    Hi there,I'm confused about something in my account.I have rent an apartment since 22 Feb his year. ...

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  • New account holder

    Sorry but i have a problem with my bill which have been going 3 months back and forth to correct it ...

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  • Your Final Notice threat

    Hi, I just arrived back from Thailand last Friday and I received a very unpleasant message in the ma...

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  • update address with apartment number

    Hello, Would anybody be able to help me figure out how to update my address with an apartment number...

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