Energy Accounts and Billing

Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

  • COVID-19 Updates

    We know you might have some questions about your account right now - we're here to help. Here are so...

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  • Want to ask a question? Read this first!

    Hello! Our Community is packed with information, advice, ideas, and answers ... just a few clicks aw...

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  • updated account

    I received an estimate bill 3 times the usual amount . I read the meter and sent the reading in to A...

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  • Moving house

    I have tried a number of times to do this online ie make sure there is a connection at our new addre...

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  • Multiple Bills

    HI all.Just received a 4th bill in 2 weeks for our account.This last one is for the same amount as t...

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  • Changing providers without concent.

    Recently my Origin Electricity account was changed to AGL without my consent. How was that done, and...

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  • Account sign in issues

    Hi, I've now attempted twice with accounts at AGL to sort out my account sign in and it still hasn't...

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  • NMI number

    Hi i am the electrical contractor for a new home in Oran park, address below. Can you please confirm...

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  • What date does my AGL electricity contract expire

    I would like to know when my current AGL electricity contract ends. I also have a new digital meter....

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  • No bill where is it

    Gas meter read 2 weeks ago still no bill online. Need to know what amount owing now as electricity m...

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  • Billed to the wrong meter?

    Hi All, I moved to Australia in July, and took up a tenancy in early August. The agency suggested th...

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  • account dispute

    Hi ....I have recieved an our latest invoice which includes undercharges from April 2016 due to esti...

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